Dr. Corey Fulk

"I just want to say how life-changing these appliances have been for me and my wife. They have allowed me to sleep better as well as sleep with my wife without causing her to wake up."

Peter Keslac

"I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP. I cannot tolerate it so I'm thankful for this mouth guard."

Brad Pointer

I wanted to take the time out of my day to send you a quick note regarding my experience with Sleep Better Lenexa / Lenexa Family Dental. I would like to sincerely thank you and your incredible staff for fitting me with my oral sleep apnea appliance. After conducting the 1 night sleep test that you provided me with, I appreciate that you took the time to personally walk me through the results as well as my options at that point pertaining to whether I would be a better candidate for a conventional CPAP machine or a sleep apnea oral appliance from Sleep Better Lenexa to help me combat my sleep apnea issue. I was fairly certain that I had sleep apnea based not only on the fact that my wife was not a fan of my severe, loud snoring but also the fact that it kind of runs in my family. I was completely unaware until our consultation that you actually stop breathing when you have sleep apnea which is scary to me, especially with a wife and two kids in my life that I care about so much. I think the general public may be unaware of that as well, hence, why I wanted to write about my experience with your practice. I was also unaware that there was actually a fantastic alternative (your oral appliance) to "the big, bulky sleep apnea machines" that sit on the night stand next to your bed that you connect to every single night while trying to sleep with hoses running everywhere.

The results from the sleep test determined that your sleep apnea oral appliance should work perfectly for me. I was thrilled because I did not want a full-blown CPAP machine sitting on my night stand. I have used the oral appliance for a few days at this point and my snoring events have decreased to a point that honestly I didn't think I would ever get to. This is based on the results tracking thus far. According to my wife (and the electronic results tracking) my snoring has virtually gone away completely! I feel well-rested in the morning now as opposed to feeling tired because the quality of my sleep has improved so much. I apologize for going on and on but I felt compelled to write you and thank you for literally changing my life. I never would have thought that a small, custom fitted mouth piece would yield the results that I have gotten in just 2 days with your appliance......yes, 2 days!!!!

I would absolutely recommend this oral appliance to anyone with similar issues and I would encourage them to set up a consultation with you to learn more. My only regret is that I did not consult with you sooner.

Thank you again for your professionalism, Dr. Charity. My wife says THANK YOU as well. Ha!!


Brad Pointer

Doug Livingston

"I recently had Dr. Ron Charity and his team fit and make an oral appliance to help with my snoring issue. The appliance is very comfortable and easy to use. They made the process easy and painless. Best of all my snoring is all but gone! I would highly recommend them"


About a year ago, I received test results that I had sleep apnea. Not wanting to be hooked up to a cumbersome CPAP machine every night, I was referred to Dr. Charity who uses dental appliances for treating sleep apnea. Dr. Charity and staff was very friendly and thoroughly answered all my questions from initial visit through final fitting. Sleepbetter also contacted and worked patiently with my insurance resulting in full coverage of the appliance. I have been using the appliance for almost a year now with excellent results - Restful Sleep! I would definitely recommend Dr. Charity to anyone wanting to use an alternate and effective means to treating sleep apnea.